Woodford Medical - How I have missed you! Part 3

One of our long-standing and most loyal clients took to poetry to express her thoughts and feelings about being in lock-down for the last three months and being unable to see us for her regular treatments.

She sent us not one but four poems the final of which was written after she came for her appointment a few days ago. We are delighted she has given us permission to share them with you.

Poem number Three

The final (hopefully) countdown

To get a call from dear Louise

Was almost too much to bear

When she told us that we’d been postponed I nearly lost my hair!!!

The elastic bands had already snapped My ears - they’d taken the strain

To try to stop the downward drop

It really has been a pain

Whilst we understood the need

To all remain self-distanced...

It’s beginning to cause us all distress It’s like fighting the resistance!!

I’ve aged at least a full 10 years in only the last 12 weeks

It really is so sad to witness the havoc a virus wreaks!!

But the wrinkles and drop are nothing to dread When you consider all the choices

Cos we could have all ended up dead

Had we not listened to “the voices”!!

Sometimes we need to put ourselves behind all others in our arena

Simply to ensure that they remain safe takes preference over our demeanour!!!

It’s at times like this we acknowledge that most people are doing what’s right... That we are all in this together

That we are all in this chaotic fight

To secure that we can all have a life that’s rewarding and virus free

A life that’s full of all we need loads of Botox please for me!!!

And now as I sit in my chair at home counting down the days

Till that first Monday in July realising life has funny ways

I get an email from you guys Advising “opening” on THAT date. At first I read it with such glee and started to accept my fate!!

BUT - then I read the paragraph

That stopped me in my track

The one that advised the protocols

The word ‘temperature’ put me back!!!!!

The Final (hopefully) Countdown!!!!!

Hand steriliser - not a problem

But it will be a task.........

Just hope Mervyn’s up to speed

And can inject right thru that mask!!!!!

It’s been really grim - the last few weeks as skin went south - and east - and west so please God Mervyn's in TOP FORM so BOTH of us can pass the test!!

The thing that really bothers me

Is having a pyrexia

Cos it would quash all hopes of my return

To resembling a serene Rhexia...... (A plant that is also called “Meadow Beauty”)

Get that trough ready - I need TOTAL immersion.