Woodford Medical - How I have missed you! Part 2

One of our long-standing and most loyal clients took to poetry to express her thoughts and feelings about being in lock-down for the last three months and being unable to see us for her regular treatments.

She sent us not one but four poems the final of which was written after she came for her appointment a few days ago. We are delighted she has given us permission to share them with you.

Poem number Two

I’ve been practising self-distancing cos I’ve nothing else to do

So only just this morning I was waiting in a queue

I just stood there waiting recommended 2 metres apart and there I spotted a poor old girl

She gave me quite a start!!

It was in the shop I spied her

She was looking out at me

I thought - my God just hurry up

I’ll never get my tea

I thought she’s not looked after herself I thought she’s not aged that well

cos although she moved with agility her face was shot to hell

It was creased, wrinkled and going south especially the bit around her mouth

The crow’s feet - no longer laughter lines

She was the picture of bad bad times!!!!!!

I looked again - she was still there I thought - She just really doesn’t care

Please hurry up - Just get a grip

I wished I’d not done this self-distancing trip!!

I thought - put glasses on and stare her out be subtle at first - before you shout but then she did just the same

As I saw my reflection in the windowpane........

Moral is: Which comes first after lock-down is over, Woodford Medical or Laser eye treatment?? No contest!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all well.