Woodford Medical - How I have missed you! Part 1

One of our long-standing and most loyal clients took to poetry to express her thoughts and feelings about being in lock-down for the last three months and being unable to see us for her regular treatments.

She sent us not one but four poems the final of which was written after she came for her appointment a few days ago. We are delighted she has given us permission to share them with you.

Poem number one

Ode to Woodford Medical!!

East and West definitely best

Cos it’s not great going South!!

Especially when you tend to find

That you can see out through your mouth!!

The face you used to appreciate

Having had the Botox lift

Has suddenly dropped to an all-time low

Things have really started to drift!!!!!

I’ve gone from being 66 - but looking 52???????

To looking like an artefact

Bugger this bloody flu!!

The wrinkles are gross - the necks the pits It really is so sad

Never thought for even just a mo that I would look this bad!!

I’ve not been touched by the ugly stick but submerged in the ugly trough

Don’t care anymore if looking good gives me a bloody cough!!

Need to get an end to this need your expertise!!

Just hate the wrinkles and the ‘sag’

And the dropping by degrees!!

Thank god we not seeing family and friends cos they’d think - “She’s a disgrace”

Just need to get this isolation done -

So you can inject my bloody face!!!!!