Ulster Tatler Magazine Review on Woodford Medical

Ulster Tatler Magazine's Aideen McCaul reviews Woodford Medical Belfast Clinic, Dr Mervyn Patterson and the Epionce Skin Peel.

The Beauty of Healthy Skin

Skin peel procedure
Skin peel procedure

I have to admit, when it comes to beauty treatments, the height of my experience is a facial. Although I leave feeling relaxed and my skin is rejuvenated, I've always wanted something a little more lasting. So, when I was afforded the opportunity to visit the highly acclaimed Woodford Medical Clinic on Belfast's Lisburn Road to try out the revolutionary Epionce Skin Peel, I took the opportunity but with a little apprehension.

The reason for my hesitation was purely because of the name. For me, 'skin peel' conjures up a host of negative associations and I was filled with fear at the thought of my skin peeling! However, upon my arrival at Woodford, any such negative feeling was dispersed.

I met with Dr Mervyn Patterson who immediately began sussing out my skincare routine. I have always considered my daily routine flawless, I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, never go to bed without removing my make up and indulge in the odd facial, all of which is combined with drinking plenty of water. How wrong I was. I quickly discovered that the range I have been using for almost 15 years contains parabens. To be honest, I have heard once or twice that this additive isn't particularly beneficial for your skin, but I shrugged it off until Dr Patterson made me realise that it was time for a change. Despite the products' claims to contain only natural ingredients, parabens are present, as indeed they are in the majority of skincare products. As it turns out, parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetic companies and there is growing debate to their usefullness and indeed, whether they may in fact be harmful. Thankfully, the breakthrough Epionce product line is paraben free and has been proven effective by over 15 independent clinical studies to help reverse and prevent the effects of visible skin ageing and certain common skin diseases. This is evidence which simply cannot be ignored. Given such powerful statements, I was now extremely keen to try out the effects of this range for myself.

Epionce products
Epionce products

I was then brought into the treatment room, where I lay down and the nurse talked me through the treatment. The Epionce Skin Peel was developed in the US by leading dermatologist Dr Carl Thornfeldt. It is formulated for all skin types but is particularly effective in treating ageing, sun damaged and blemished skin. This definitely sounded like the perfect treatment for me.

The nurse prepped my skin and began applying a few layers of the substance. This was left to work itself into my skin for a few minutes. I was expecting to find this painful, but much to my surprise, it felt only a little tingly. The cream was then removed and a soothing mask was applied to cool my skin. Finally, a factor 50 barrier cream was applied. The nurse advised that the Epionce Chemical Peel is perfect for having once a month and on each visit, a little more would be applied to work even further into the skin.

The perfect thing about the treatment is that there is no downtime. Using naturally derived ingredients, the powerful peel delivered maximum effect with minimal disruption to my skin, and thankfully, no shedding or peeling. Although I was a little red and I left, in a matter of minutes this had disappeared completely and I was immediately impressed by the results. My skin definitely looked brighter, with a reduction in blemished and my complexion was clearer. The next day a few colleagues commented on how good my skin looked, which is something that has rarely happened before and I completely attribute to the Epionce Peel.

I have since ditched my old skincare range in favour of the paraben free Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Renewal Facial Lotion and SPF 50 Ultra Shield Lotion. This combined with the skin peel has definitely had a significant improvement on my skin. I will definitely be swapping facials in favour of a monthly skin peel.

So whether you are suffering from sun damaged skin, rosacea or simply feel your skin lacks youthfulness and clarity, the Epionce Skin Peel may just be the treatment for you. For more information on the Epionce Skin Peel Procedure or to book your consultation with one of our highly trained Aesthetic Therapists please contact us.