Top 10 Most Googled Beauty Questions

How do I get rid of Acne?

Epionce Cleaners
Epionce Cleaners

Tesco Living magazine recently featured an article on the Top 10 most googled beauty questions and in at number one was "How do I get rid of Acne?" a question that we all would have asked or heard people discussing. We all have breakouts and unwanted spots that seem to appear at important times in our life such as before an interview, party or even your own wedding.

Most acne is down to hormones. At puberty, females start to produce hormones that stimulate the ovaries to release oestrogen, as well as androgen, which stimulate hair growth. When these two hormones surge before ovulation, an egg is released, but often during puberty the hormones aren't quite working in sync and this can cause a hormone imbalance. The Result? Increased oiliness, blackheads and breakouts, through to full-on acne.

80% of teens suffer from spots to some degree, boys are more susceptible in this period of their life as testosterone tends to make their spots worse. The face is the most common area to be affected but spots can appear on the neck, upper back, shoulders and chest. If attempts are made to squeeze spots the inflammation will spread making the problem worse, this often leads to the typical pitted acne scarring. To dispel common myths acne is not caused by forgetting to wash or eating plates of chips.

It is not just teens that suffer according to 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women will suffer from acne.

"Many skincare products are too harsh, resulting in a disrupted skin barrier with increased inflammation and redness. Use cleansers that clear some of the debris blocking the pores, but without irritation." Explains Dr Mervyn Patterson.

At Woodford Medical we sell the professional skincare range Epionce. Their range of cleansers gently dissolve make-up, pollutants, bacteria, dirt particles and other impurities meaning the skin is effectively cleansed without harming the protective barrier or irritating the skin.

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