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First the don’ts

Don’t think you can scrub, cleanse and tone with harsh ingredients and expect good results if you’re suffering from acne. Whilst it might be tempting to reach for the gritty exfoliator to exfoliate the problem away this is one of the most harmful things to do. Physical exfoliation just simply tears at the surface protective layer of skin cells and does nothing for the blockages deep in the pores. Similarly, overzealous use of cleansers and toners with too high a level of glycolic or salicylic disrupts the delicate skin barrier resulting in an exacerbation of inflammation. These skin sins tend to swing the skin into a temporary dry, lipid depleted state which results in a rebound overproduction of oil.

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Now for the do’s

Keep it simple, be consistent - An effective routine of Epionce skincare can make a huge difference.

Epionce Purifying Wash, formulated with 0.6% salicylic, is a skin friendly but effective way to clean the skin. The convenient tube can be kept by the sink or in the shower so it’s always within easy reach.

At night apply a pea sized amount of Epionce Lytic Lotion to the affected area. The Lytics are one of the products in this fantastic range that are world renowned as a way to combat blackheads, blocked pores and the inflammation in blemish prone skin. Containing salicylic and azelaic acids in the most beneficial levels these agents penetrate deep into pores loosening plugs of sebum and dead skin cells getting right to the source of the spot. Lytics are packaged in tubes resembling toothpaste so a simple way to remember is to apply it just before reaching for the toothpaste at night.

After applying the Lytic wait a few minutes before putting on the treatment moisturiser.

In oily, acne prone skin the Epionce Renewal Lite Facial Lotion is the perfect product to use to repair the skin barrier and dampen inflammation in skin with outbreaks. Although it seems at first glance odd to use a moisturiser when your skin is oily this is the scientific way to combat the problem as oiliness is a sign that the skin is distressed. The skin senses that its barrier is disrupted and attempts to correct the problem by over producing oil.

spot gel

The final hero acne product to keep in the bathroom cabinet is the Epionce Purifying Spot Gel. Used in emergencies when a spot suddenly appears it immediately calms redness and spot size. In an independent clinical trial, it was shown to be faster acting and more effective than a GP prescribed topical cream.

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