Summer Sunshine - Friend or Foe?

We all so look forward to the summer here and sometimes we are even lucky enough in Britain to bask in warm sunshine. Top that off with a glorious 2 weeks toasting ourselves in Turkey, Greece or Ibiza together with the odd skiing holiday and that all adds up to an awful lot of sun exposure for our fair English skins and that sadly means SUN DAMAGE!

Pigmentation clusters
Pigmentation clusters

This was highlighted in an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine this month which profiled 4 members of their own staff ranging in age from a youthful 23 years old to a more mature 43 year old. These staff had a range of sun experiences ranging from no sun exposure at all to total sun worshipper and this had a staggering effect on the amount of sun damage that appeared when a complexion analyser was used on them.

On the sun worshipper a significant amount of sun damage was visible including redness, lines and wrinkles and an overall skin darkening leading to eventual pigmentation problems. The other staff also showed signs of early sun damage and only the young sun avoider escaped without any problems but given her age she could not become complacent.

When asked to comment on these findings our own Dr Hilary Allan had this to say:

“I am not in the least surprised at these findings – I have long been an advocate of sun avoidance particularly on the face as the very short term benefits of a tanned face are totally out-weighed by the long term damage caused in the form of redness, pigmentation, wrinkles and un-even skin tone all adding to really unflattering facial ageing.”

She went on to say

“I can tell from the moment a client walks into my clinic at Woodford Medical if they have been careful or reckless with their skin. I am often asked by these reckless sunbathers how then can turn the clock back and I tell them there is no magic wand but a course of Fotorejuvenation treatments, skin peels or micro-needling with anti-ageing serum infusion will all help enormously."

Epionce pigment serum
Epionce pigment serum

Dr Allan concluded:

“I always tell clients that prevention is better than cure and so they should never leave home before putting on a really good sun protection cream like Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50. I also recommend using the latest serum from Epionce the Melanolyte Pigment Perfecting Serum which is a concentrated product to powerfully impact irregular pigmentation issues which is so often a by-product of too much sun bathing and looks ageing and ugly. By using these 2 products religiously or having a course of one of the above treatments it can help to give you back the youthful looking skin you desire”.

If you have pigmentation or would like advice on how to avoid sun damage please contact us today for a free skin consultation.