Skincare for men - an FAQ guide by Dr Mervyn Patterson

Skincare guide for men


Do male and female anti-ageing skincare needs differ and if so why?

The fundamental principles of good skincare do not differ greatly between male and female skin. Having said that there are two key differences

  1. Keep it simple for the boys. Anything too overly fussy, complex or time consuming is a big no no for men
  2. As they tend towards oily or combination skin types, they prefer lighter products.

Which ingredients actually make the difference?

I encourage my clients to start thinking about skincare differently and not in ‘what are the key ingredients’ that are required.

The cleanser and moisturiser should repair the skin barrier by encouraging the optimal ratio of the three key lipids, ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids in the surface of the skin. A healthy barrier protects the deeper layers of the skin from attack.

The moisturiser should dampen all pathways of chronic inflammation as inflammation is the driver for unwanted redness, pigmentation, wrinkles and potentially skin cancers.

To achieve control over this process you need a wide raft of proven anti-inflammatories to dampen all pathways.

Also look for independent evidence that the regime you have chosen works and here things become very difficult as companies have become adept at influencing people with marketing hype.

What is a reasonable price point for the skin care?

Price points are actually very similar to those for their female counterparts and they are:

  1. Cleansers £30
  2. Chemical exfoliant £50 - 60
  3. Barrier repair and anti-inflammatory moisturiser £70 - 80

What do you recommend for men?

Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser - once men try this, they never want to use anything else. Really positive cleansing experience with ingredients such as witch hazel and menthol leaving a lovely clean feeling but not drying.

Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser

Epionce Lytic Lotion (selective chemical exfoliator)

This is used just once a day, usually at night. Completely replaces traditional physical scrubs and exfoliants which are so potentially harmful and non-specific in their action. Lytic Lotion contains carefully formulated salicylic and azelaic acids alongside anti-inflammatories. Their action is to gently but effectively remove surface dead skin cells and anything blocking the pores whilst at the same time ensuring we improve the health of the surface cells. The result is a smoother softer healthier looking skin.

Epionce Renewal Lite Facial Lotion

This is my moisturiser of choice for most male skin types. Formulated with a lipid profile and consistency that is perfect for the male skin and is rapidly absorbed leaving no residue. Contains the lipid technology that is proven to rapidly aid skin barrier repair whilst also delivering deep into the skin the anti-inflammatories required to control all seven chronic inflammatory pathways.

*in and independent clinical study the combination of an Epionce Lytic and an Epionce Renewal moisturiser was shown to be more effective and much more pleasant to use than a regime using prescription strength retinol.

Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion

So, my recommended night time routine for men is cleanse with Lytic Gel, add a small pea sized amount of the Lytic Lotion to clean dry skin. Brush your teeth and then apply the Renewal Lite Lotion.

In the morning keep it even simpler, cleanse with the Lytic Gel and just apply a very thin layer of Epionce Ultra Shield SPF 50

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