Results just in: Top 10 treatments at Woodford Medical in 2020

We are excited to announce the top 10 treatments you loved having with us in 2020. Even though it has been, and will continue to be, a tough time for so many, we have loved welcoming you safely into our clinic. We hope we have been able to provide you and your skin with a much-needed pick me up.

Botox Syringe

So, in at number 1 and no surprise we have:


Botox remains a firm favourite and still THE most popular treatment at Woodford Medical. We regard it as an injectable art form to deliver a smooth, relaxed and refreshed appearance to the face with a totally natural but flawless look. Miraculously lines and wrinkles ease away, brows are lifted and jawlines sharpened. No wonder we were listed in the 10 Ten Injectors by the Daily Telegraph.

Next in at number 2 are:

Facial Fillers

The Juvederm range of Facial Fillers remain incredibly popular with our clients. This versatile range of injectables add volume and smooth out lines as well as lifting and supporting the skin, thereby restoring the face to its youthful proportions. But this magic can only work if it is in the hands of an expert who can deliver instant but naturally beautiful results - luckily we are on for that part!

In at number 3 is:

Lip Fillers

Our clients are all well aware that one of the first areas to age is around the lips which is why lip fillers continue to be so well regarded. Annoying lip lines and thinning lips can look unattractive but with the expert use of Juvederm Volbella the lips can be subtly enhanced with the vertical lines smoothed out. Smiling never felt so good!

Moving away from injectables for a moment, in at number 4 is the most popular skin rejuvenation treatment:

IPL Photorejuvenation/ Fotopeel

This restorative IPL delivers consistently impressive results at reducing redness, flushing, pigmentation, sun damage and Rosacea. One of our longest-standing treatments that is much sought after by clients who realise clear, blemish-free skin can be a reality. An exciting advancement to this treatment is to combine it with an Epionce peel to work synergistically to maximise the effects.

In at 5 we have:

Botox for Bruxism

New in the most popular list for 2020 Botox for Bruxism, or teeth grinding as it is more commonly known, has become a much talked about affliction due to somewhat increased stress levels. Our clinicians can carefully place Botox to relax the jaw muscles responsible for over-zealous clenching, thereby relieving teeth grinding and the associated headaches. An instant stress buster!

At number 6 and our newest treatment to launch at Woodford Medical is:


The ultimate hydration and moisture booster treatment. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping the skin plump and luscious so when ageing depletes natural resources in the skin Profhilo can restore it. Our clients have loved the results that Profhilo delivers resulting in glowing, smooth and hydrated skin and keep coming back for more.

In at 7 we have:

Epionce Peels

Our skin sometimes just wants a quick pick-me-up and Epionce skin peels can provide just that. We have two strengths of peel, Epionce Lite-Refresh peels are ideal for anyone new to the treatment and want a skin hydration boost. Epionce Corrective Peels are used to treat longer term issues such as sun damage or acne. These treatments have little downtime and clients love the smooth, silky and refined look these Epionce peels deliver.

At number 8 we have:

Radio frequency Skin Tightening Lift-Shape

Whether used on the face or the body this versatile treatment does what is says on the tin - using radio frequency waves it lifts, firms, remodels and tightens skin that has lost it’s elasticity and become wrinkled and saggy. Clients love the way their skin texture is restored and their lines and wrinkles softened as well as cellulite improved when used on areas of the body. A great treatment to have ahead of the summer!

In at number 9 and another popular aesthetic therapist treatment is:

Laser/IPL hair removal

In 2020 clients began to appreciate the benefits of permanent hair removal when other methods such as waxing became impossible to have. Having tackled unwanted hair issues with a razor or home wax kits the attractions of laser hair removal soon became apparent. Quick, powerful and effective this hair removal method is on everyone’s ‘must have’ list going forward.

Last, but my no means least, at number 10 we have everyone’s best friend:


Sometimes a treatment delivers everything a client could want and Dermafrac does just that. Combing micro-needling with a simultaneous growth factor infusion and LED light therapy Dermafrac revives and regenerates tired and ageing skin as well as banishing congestion, blemishes and open pores. What’s not to like?

Why not get planning your treatments for 2021.

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