Noticing the onset of the dreaded 'jawline jowls'?


Are you looking in the mirror and seeing the effects of ageing on your lower face and neck? Noticing a slight loss in jaw definition or the dreaded 'jowls'? Woodford Medical Aesthetic Therapist Catherine explains why InfraRed Skin Tightening is such a popular treatment for her clients in Leamington Spa and gives us some insight into how it works.

InfraRed Tightening is a fantastic treatment and is very popular with my clients at Woodford Medical Leamington Spa. The treatment is designed to improve the elasticity in the skin whilst stimulating collagen production, leaving the skin appearing firmer and tighter.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment involves using a hand piece that is placed onto the skin. This produces targeted beams of infrared light that are delivered deep into the skin, heating the tissue and causing a healing effect within the skin that firms and tightens.

A client being treated

What areas of the body can you have treated?

The most popular areas for my clients are the lower face and neck. IR is particularly good for giving a tightening appearance to any loose skin on the lower face and neck - as we age our lower face changes resulting in jowls and loss of jaw definition. Regular treatments are very effective for tightening these areas.

The treatment can be performed on the body including the arms, stomach, abdomen and legs. I have also performed the treatment on a client's knees and buttocks and she is delighted with the results!

I also have another client who always has her upper arms treated as well as her lower face on a monthly basis and has noticed a vast improvement in the skin in these areas.

A lady

How do your clients find the procedure?

In general there is no discomfort during the procedure and no down time afterwards. The only side effects that may occur post treatment are a temporary warm sensation at the site of treatment and slight redness. However this is temporary and will resolve in a short time.

Our clients love this treatment as they can reapply their make up afterwards and feel comfortable having treatment only a few days before an important event as they do not have to worry about downtime. Most of our clients return for monthly treatments and feel there has been a visible improvement in their skin tone.

How many treatments will I need?

It is advisable to have a course of 3 treatments at 4-6 week intervals for the best results. Many of our clients however have monthly treatments, or will have a minimum of 4 treatments which I find gives fantastic results.

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