New - Epionce Skincare on Trial with Anna Magee

Why do it?

Epionce products
Epionce products

I got the idea after being contacted by leading cosmetic doctor , Dr Mervyn Patterson on Twitter. He said: ‘Anna, you often report on the best thing for the health of the body on Healthista, why not try something for the health of the surface your skin?’ Patterson felt that it would fit with Healthista’s approach to seeking optimum health and vitality to try out a skincare regime that optimised the nutrition on the surface of the skin.

Epionce’s strap line is ‘Delivering the beauty of healthy skin,’ which to me was compelling. Patterson continued: ‘By optimising what you give the skin, it performs at its best and becomes as healthy as you can get it and healthy skin looks good’. Patterson explained that every Epionce product is tested in pharmaceutical standards.

One clinical study showed that the Epionce regime after six months of use was as effective as prescription strength retinol at reducing fine lines, tactile roughness and skin laxity (sagging) and increasing brightness as well as reducing dark spots caused by sun damage – but without the initial irritation that can be caused by prescription strength retinol. I knew that retinol treatment was effective for anti-ageing but it often came with irritation, stinging, dryness.

In my experience, using retinol at prescription levels for my sun damage (dark pigmentation on my forehand and chin) had in the long run made it worse and I was wary of using anything harsh on my face, usually opting for high quality botanical and organic products.

‘There is no point tackling your pigmentation issue without repairing the surface of the skin,’ said Patterson. ‘You also have to dampen down chronic inflammation of the skin; a bit like repairing the roof of your house to keep the rain out – you need to repair the surface of the skin to protect it against damage from the sun and pollution.’
The Epionce approach focuses instead on giving the skin what it needs to function at its best, on building up the skin barrier before gently giving it the treatment products it needs. I was wary of using a medical strength anything again but Patterson assured me these were gentle yet effective. Epionce products are entirely botanical which appealed to the Healthista in me that loves natural products.

But I also like the idea of it being so thoroughly and stringently tested and proven effective – who wouldn’t? The botanicals in the products such as date palm extracts and natural antioxidants had been shown in previous studies to have a profound effect on skin.

Visia Skin Analysis

To make the trial as controlled as we could get it I had a Visia Skin Analysis. This is a state-of-the-art camera that sees the skin in a number of different lights that highlight all the problems that develop as skin ages – and quantifies them. So everyone ends up with a percentage score in things like their level of skin wrinkling, spots, texture, pores, UV spots and sun spots. I will be having one of these at week one (see below), week six and week 12.

Visia skin analysis
Visia skin analysis

Starting to use Epionce

Right now I am using the Renewal Cleansing Lotion, Renewal Eye Cream, Renewal Facial Lotion and Renewal Facial Cream.

There is no doubt the products feel luxurious to use and deeply moisturise my dry skin – the botanical extracts make them smell divine, but the refinement of their formulation means they really sink into the skin in the way only high quality products can.

The first thing I noticed quite quickly was the softness of my skin the next morning after using the renewal night cream and cleanser. Normally I wake up and my skin is crying for moisture, feeling quite crepey and dry. This didn’t happen in the first week of using the Renewal range.

My current favourite product is the Renewal Lotion, which feels moisturising but absorbs quickly. I also used the sunscreen Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion, which left no white residue or pilling under my make-up.

Watch this space for more updates from Anna!