Mail Online - Dr Mervyn Patterson

Woodford Medical's Dr Mervyn Patterson is quoted this week in the Daily Mail discussing Alex Gerrard's fuller looking pout.

Alex Gerrard
Alex Gerrard

Cosmetic doctor Mervyn Patterson told MailOnline he believed Alex's lips had been injected with dermal fillers.

Doctor Patterson, an aesthetic doctor of 16 years from London's Woodford Medical Clinic, London, said: 'To the trained eye it looks like her lips have been accentuated with a dermal filler. Both the top and bottom lips look fuller.

'It's the profile that gives it away, not the way she looks from the front. The tell-tell sign is that from the side they look like they protude too far forward.'

He added: 'Perhaps the trained eye can see it better. It's something that has to be done subtly then it works well.'

A spokesperson for Alex was contacted for a comment.

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