Mail Online - 78% of Women Want Botox for Valentine's

The Mail Online has reported that 78% of women want Botox for Valentine's Day!

A lady receiving treatment
A lady receiving treatment

Journalist Bianca London reported: 'With Valentine's Day just around the corner, men are picking their brains over the perfect way to say 'I love you'.

But forget wilting flower bouquets, cringey chocolates and kitschy teddy bears, because most women have only one gift on their hit list this year.

Nearly 80 per cent of women want Botox as their present this February - with 78 per cent saying they'd be 'impressed' if their partner treated them to it, according to research.'

When researchers asked women how they'd feel if their partner bought them botox, 78 per cent said they'd be impressed, 15 per cent said they would be mildly pleased yet concerned, and the remaining seven per cent said they would be slightly offended or not happy.

The study also looked at which cosmetic treatments women would like to receive for Valentine's Day - with dermal filler, botox and tooth whitening topping the list.

Stuck for gift inspiration this year, men? Women want botox for Valentine's Day - and 78 per cent would be 'impressed' if you gave them a voucher for it.

Much-coveted: Dermal filler and botox treatment tops the list of ideal Valentine's Day gifts this year, and men are even seeking advice on how to gift it.

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