Judy Murray Discusses Her 'Sparkly Makeover' for Strictly

'Botox has stopped me looking like a scary monster': A sparkly makeover, a whirl on Strictly and a little bit of extra help too, Judy Murray on how she feels like a new woman!' - Rebecca Hard reports for the Mail Online.

Judy Murray no longer looks like a ‘scary monster’ (her words). She’s invested in a drop or two of Botox to lose the 'fierce look' and developed a passion for fashion.

Today, she turns up in a soft grey wool jacket and is so full of what you can wear and what you can’t when ‘you’ve got a long, thin face like mine’ she’d give Gok Wan a run for his money. (For the record, V-necks are an absolute no-no.)

Hang on a minute Judy. Fashion tips? Botox? What’s going on? This is, after all, Wimbledon champion Andy’s mum, who for the best part of his tennis career has sat centre court in a hoodie shooting the sort of death stares that would have most of us wishing we’d been put up for adoption.

Strictly Come Dancing logo
Strictly Come Dancing logo

‘I’ve always been seen as the mum who sits on the sidelines, pulls faces, waves her fist and looks like some kind of scary monster,’ she says. ‘You see me baring my teeth or pumping my fist but I’m a competitive sportswoman – that’s just how I am. If I’d been a dad of sons or a mum of daughters I don’t think I’d have been noticed in the same way.

‘I’ve been single now for a couple of years,’ she says. ‘I lived with somebody [Phil] for eight or nine years up to two years ago so I’m just enjoying having time to myself – time for me – and I’ve found I like shopping, I like lunching, I like going to the spa with my friends.

I’ve had a little bit of Botox because I always had very deep lines in there,’ she points to the smooth skin between her eyes.

‘I’ve definitely been pigeon-holed as pushy and overbearing. But if you ask any of my friends or family, I’m all about having fun. My children [she also has Jamie, 28, a Wimbledon doubles champion] would tell you exactly the same.’

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