Five Steps To Kick-Start 2016!

With late nights, too much alcohol and way too many mince pies all a distant memory January is the perfect month to focus on yourself and make those all important goals to strive for throughout the year ahead.

With “Do more exercise/ lose weight” topping the poll on the ITN’s website for the most popular new year’s resolutions for 2016 we thought we could help make that a little easier with five easy steps to get your health, body, skin and confidence back into tip top condition.

1. Ease away the stresses of last year

If the stresses and strains of the build up to Christmas and the New Year have left you looking tense and frazzled why not consider having a sprinkling of Botox® to smooth and ease away those lines and wrinklesis a quick and painless procedure that can easily take care of those unwanted lines around the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines leaving you looking fresher and calmer and altogether more confident going forwards to spring.

So put yourselves in the hands of our award winning professionals and find out how to look and feel more relaxed and confident.

2. Book a course of Radiofrequency Lift-Shape body treatments

In the winter it is all too easy to eat platefuls of comfort food and cover excess weight in woolly jumpers and thick tights. However as spring is now gradually heading our way it is time to tackle the issue of those extra pounds and once those are sorted we need to address our problem areas. Stubborn fat is the worst kind of fat, we can spend hours in the gym and opting for the salad instead of a sandwich but those love handles or bingo wings sometimes just won’t shift.

The Lift-Shape radiofrequency device is a revolutionary clinically proven treatment to reduce fat, deliver body contouring and improve cellulite. This treatment works to full effect when you combine it with a fitness plan – so keep up with those squats, crunches and press ups either at home or in the gym and book yourself in for our Lift-Shape body treatment and dust off your bikini ready for the summer.

Find out more information about Radiofrequency Lift-Shape body treatments.

3. Treat your skin to a deep cleanse

DermaFrac is a fantastic treatment to totally cleanse your skin starting from the outside and advancing inwards.

Stage one is a microdermabrasion to get rid of all those dry and dead skin cells which give the complexion a tired and sallow appearance

Stage two is an advanced, combination therapy combining micro-needling with simultaneous infusion of a highly powerful anti-ageing peptide serum that penetrates deep into the layers of your skin.

Stage three is LED light therapy which promotes collagen stimulation, suppresses inflammation and reduces irritation.

Result: A totally clean and shining skin with a plump, smooth and healthier appearance!

4. Dare to bare?

As you begin to emerge from the darkest winter months and shed those opaque tights and leggings do you find yourself filled with horror at the sight of unwanted areas of fuzz?

Fear not because at Woodford we have the answer to those neglected and unwanted hair issues that arise on the legs, underarms, bikini and face. The solution we offer is permanent long term hair removal using either the Vectus Laser ( Danbury clinic) or Intense Pulsed Light ( all other clinics). These advanced systems provide rapid, effective and safe permanent hair removal. So kiss goodbye to waxing, plucking and shaving and book in for an advanced answer to unwanted hair.

Our Aesthetic Therapists offer a free consultation and test patch as well as a complete tailor made package to suit your needs.

Find out more about Vectus Laser and Intense Pulsed Light hair removal.

5. Develop a Skincare routine

We all lead very busy lives and are quite often guilty of forgetting to give our skin the care it deserves. So when we eventually get round to giving our skin some much needed attention, where should we start and what products should we use?

Enter Epionce founder and leading dermatologist in the US Dr Carl Thornfeldt who has created a skincare range which leverages years of scientific research to help you build the perfect skin care routine to meet your goals.

The Epionce system comprises of four easy steps – Cleanse & Prepare, Correct & Boost, Renew & Fortify and Protect & Prevent.

The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) have a great step by step guide to face washing Epionce incorporates cleansers, toners, moisturisers and SPF to enable you to create your own skincare routine.

Set yourself a target – stick to the Epionce regime for four weeks, then once you notice your skin feeling clean and looking fresh you will kick yourself for not starting sooner.

For any of the above treatments or skincare please call 0845 602 1161 or contact us and speak to one of our Treatment Advisors for further information or to book an appointment.