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'Clampdown on Cosmetic Cowboys' - The Daily Mail discusses how Woodford Medical's Dr Mervyn Patterson helped 'cosmetic cowboy victim' Marie Adams.

Newspaper cutting
Newspaper cutting

Marie Adams had filler injections on her nose-to-mouth lines and top lip in 2012.

The 35 year old knew other women who had the procedure with good results. Miss Adams, a full time mother to Alice, two, and Emma, 13, booked into her local beauty salon in Romford, Essex where the fillers cost £150 a time.

A receptionist reassured her that the practitioner was a nurse and 'very good'.

But two days later even her face was swollen, lumpy and uneven. Two weeks later, Miss Adams went for a check-up, but the woman who gave the injections never arrived.

In despair, she went to qualified professional Dr Mervyn Patterson, who used more filler to even out her face.

Miss Adams, who lives with her partner Sean, 37, a fitness centre worker, said: 'All I'd wanted was a little confidence boost, but ended up with the opposite because I was too embarrassed to go out. My nose-to-mouth lines were uneven, and one looked more puffed out than the other.