Colorescience Training With Global & Educational Manager Wendy Patrick

On Tuesday 24th May our Aesthetic Therapists were invited along to an International Colorescience Training Day with Wendy Patrick. Wendy joined Colorescience two years ago as Global Trainer and Education Manager having held similar senior positions at Estee Lauder and Macy’s NY.

Colorescience is a premier luxury mineral make up line that includes high quality ingredients, pure mineral formulations, sun protection and luxury colours with a focus on simplicity of use.

The day started at 10am with an introduction from Paul Edwards, Manager of Eden Aesthetics Distribution. He outlined the success and growth of Colorescience in the UK and how it fits perfectly alongside the treatments we offer at Woodford Medical and synergistically with our other premium skin care range, Epionce.

Wendy started her presentation by explaining that the emphasis for Colorescience is combining a really high standard of sun protection with the finest of mineral makeup to give complete sun safety blended to a luxurious and natural finish.

Wendy asked for a volunteer in order to demonstrate how to apply each stage of Colorescience, from starting with the newly launched Even Up Primer, followed by Tint du Soleil ( a tinted moisturiser containing SPF 30) and finishing with a dusting of Sunforgettable which also contains an SPF 30. She then showed how to give the model a lasting, dewy finish by spritzing with the Hydrating Setting Mist. Wendy was extremely informative and gave everyone some great application tips.

Colorescience Training Day with Wendy Patrick
Colorescience Training Day with Wendy Patrick

Using several other volunteer models she went on the demonstrate other Colorescience products including the versatility of the Camouflage Kit in being able to cover everything from under eye dark circles, bruising and areas of redness or hyperpigmentation – proving it to be a “must have” product in everyone’s makeup kit.

Wendy, who is a great believer in a hands-on approach to presenting, then asked everyone to remove their make-up, which surprisingly they all did. She wanted everyone to practice her tips on application and also prescribing the correct colours and types of Colorescience mineral make up as they would in a client situation within their own clinics. Her ethos is that she wants every attendee to walk away with one piece of information that they didn’t previously know – I think she nailed it!

The day ended with everyone receiving a FREE Colorescience Even Up, Tint Du Soleil and Lip Shine in the colours that Wendy prescribed for them, but perhaps the best thing everyone took away with them was what an excellent product Colorescience is when you know what it does and how to use it properly.

After the event Aesthetic Therapist Carla said “I didn’t realise how versatile Colorescience products could be and how they can be adapted to suit just about every age and skin tone”.

Another attendee Therapist Catherine said “I am constantly stressing the importance of protecting the skin from sun damage to my clients and now I have a product that not only does that but looks great too!