Be the Queen of Hearts this Valentines

Woodford Medical discusses the benefits of Juvederm Voluma for regaining your ideal heart shape face in this month's Cambridgeshire Pride Magazine.

A lady
A lady

A heart shape has long been determined as the ideal face shape for women by all the leading beauty experts across the globe.

When we are young our facial proportions are essentially mirroring this but as we start to age and gravity comes into play our faces start to alter shape. Instead of the high cheekbones, defined jawline and smooth plump contours, the upper face becomes narrower, cheeks flatten out and the jawline loses definition. This can give an aged and sad appearance which no amount of skincare can eradicate and that’s where we at Woodford Medical can help.

Using a product called Voluma we can instantly restore those youthful proportions in less time than a lunch break and visibly change the shape and profile of the cheeks and chin areas – volumising and creating lift where needed.

Voluma is a revolutionary product from industry leaders Allergan and is one of the latest products in the family of Juvederm dermal fillers employing both safe and long-lasting ingredients. Mixed with a local anaesthetic for additional comfort this product can last in excess of 18 months.

However – a word of warning – a product is only as good as the practitioner using it and it is essential that your doctor is both experienced and qualified in aesthetics.

Here at Woodford Medical you will be treated by Dr Hilary Allan who has been practising in aesthetics for 16 years and has a wealth of experience in all forms of anti-wrinkle injections. A pioneer in the use of Voluma since its launch her patient list includes many delighted clients including celebrities who seek her out when their faces need a little attention.

So if you too would like to benefit from expertise of Dr Allan and would like more information about cheek volumisation please contact us.