Autumn Skincare Tips


Getting rid of bad habits and using skincare that optimises the health of your skin is the best way to prepare for the harsher months of the year.

Autumn Skincare Tips

What should I not do to my skin?

  • Avoid physical exfoliation.

Overzealous physical exfoliation tears away at the surface protective layer and indiscriminately removes too many healthy cells and their precious lipid.

  • Stop high levels of active ingredients such as vitamin c and retinol.

High levels of vitamin c and retinol have no place in a scientific approach to looking after your skin as they simply introduce levels of actives which are irritating and counterproductive.

  • Ditch the hyaluronic serums and moisturisers that have no barrier repair function.

Hyaluronic acid applied in excess encourages the movement of excessive water into the upper layers which in turn disrupts normal skin function. Over reliance on moisturisers that have no barrier repair effect will in turn disrupt barrier function.

The best way to look after your skin.

Epionce best selling products
  • Restore the function of your skin’s external barrier.
  • Dampen chronic inflammation.
  • Retexturise using combinations of skin friendly salicylic and azelaic acids.

Using the appropriate treatment moisturiser from Epionce will have the combined effect of repairing the skin barrier and calming deeper inflammation. This will reduce sensitivity, control unwanted pigmentation, redness and wrinkle formation. There are four moisturising options with slightly differing consistencies to ensure that there is one that will suit your skin type and individual preference.

Always pair an Epionce moisturiser with an Epionce Lytic Tx Lotion. The Lytics contain carefully formulated salicylic and azelaic acids that gently but effectively clear dead skin cells and anything blocking the pores. With three different concentrations available there is one that is just right for everyone.

Ask your skin therapist for their advice on which of the Epionce products is best for you.

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