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Woodford Medical is a company that cares...


07 December 2017
A Merry Christmas from the team at Woodford Medical

01 December 2017
Christmas Gift Vouchers now available!
Pick yours up from your local clinic today.

09 November 2017
New Treatment Launch - Dermaplaning
To tackle peach fluff facial hair as well as providing gentle exfoliation

Woodford Medical Aesthetic Clinic


Listed in Hello Magazine as "Best in the business" for Botox

Voted as TOP 10 Injectors in the UK by The Daily Telegraph

Winners of the MyFaceMyBody Best Aesthetic Clinic of the Year

Aesthetics Awards 2015 finalists for Best Clinic                   


At Woodford Medical we are a professional and trusted partnership who have worked in the aesthetic and cosmetic industry since establishing the clinic in 1995. Over the years we have built up a loyal and professional team whose intention is to make the patient journey at Woodford Medical the very best it can be. This starts from the very first phone call that you make to us and continues all the way through to making you feel confident in your treatment when you leave the clinic.                          

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest procedures and technology and regularly attend seminars so that we can bring that knowledge back to our clients.

We receive regular commendations in the press and although we value these the best accolade for us is that all our loyal clients continue to come back to see us for their treatments.

What distinguishes us here at Woodford Medical is that we aim to make you feel that your appearance and wishes matter to each and everyone of our team.

By building a relationship with you, we aim to make you feel important to us as a client so that you can trust you will always receive the gold standard in care here at Woodford Medical.

We look forward to meeting you.



 Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson

What makes Woodford Medical the right clinic for you?

*based on 529 of our patients who answered an independent Patient Satisfaction Survey  February 2014



3 weeks ago
She did it! - Kerys completes the Great Wall of China Trek It was hard to believe that the moment had finally arrived for Kerys our Aesthetic Therapist to don her walking boots and set off to trek of The Great Wall of China. Indeed due to recurring chest infections prior to her setting off it seemed as though the possibility of her making the trek hung in the balance. But fortitude is one of Kerys finest attributes and so she was not going to be beaten by a ‘small’ thing like that so despite all our fears she set off for China. Not many of us are familiar with the terrain of the trek and just in case like us you thought that it was a bit of a stroll have a look at the photos below showing actual conditions Kerys was trekking on. The Trek involved walking and climbing for 8 hours per day for 7 days. The climbing part was the equivalent of scaling 300-400 floors on rocky and mountainous terrain. Some of the steps were so steep that they were waist height and involved Kerys hoisting herself up the steps using her arms to heave herself up. So I think we can now appreciate it was a really challenging trip. When Kerys arrived back at work at Woodford she was able to fill us in on some of the details of her trip. She had a few highs and lows to share with us. One of the best and worse days came on day 4 when she was really quite unwell but somehow managed to complete the days trek which resulted in the best mountain views of the entire trip. One of her worst days came when she undertook the infamous Heavens Ladder made so much harder by the torrential rain. It took two days to dry out her clothes, boots and bag! Another absolute high that Kerys mentioned was the feeling of elation and achievement on completion of the trek knowing that she had raised lots of money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. She also said that the kind messages of support and the new friends she made during the trip kept her smiling and more importantly walking through the highs and lows of the trip. Kerys attributes all the positive support she received with her being able to overcome adversity in the form of diabetic highs and lows throughout the trip not to mention her fear of heights when she reached the highest point of the Great Wall at 4722 feet. So let’s finish on a quote from Kerys: “The support I received has been incredible and I am completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was without doubt the hardest thing I have done but also the best. The experience was a celebration of the strength and fighting spirit needed to live with diabetes. I have always been a firm believer living with diabetes should not hold you back in anyway or stop you from achieving your dreams and this was my opportunity to prove it. The phrase I remember most from the trip was another trekker saying “the best view comes after the hardest climb” - appropriate for 24 years of living with diabetes and the horrendous mountain climbs!!” Kerys has so far raised a total of £5075 including gift aid but if you feel inspired by Kerys efforts and would like donate it is not too late to still do so. Just click on the following link which will take you straight through to her charity page. www.justgiving.com/kerys-pyne2

1 month ago
It’s been so lovely to have the newest addition of the Woodford team in the clinic! Congratulations to our Marketing Manager, Jordanne and family on the arrival of beautiful baby William!

1 month ago

1 month ago